Step 1/6: Let's get started
Step 1/6: Let's get started

Welcome to the Victorian Curling Association.

Here is where you can register to join us or to renew your membership. Please read through the information below and then click the button below to start the online registration process.

Registration Options:

Your VCA membership registration is available with or without league playing fees included. 

  • Membership Only - choose a membership-only option to register without signing up for League Curling. 
  • Membership plus League - choose one of the league options to include playing fees with your registration.

The Victorian Curling Association runs 2 league competition fixtures - 'Green' and 'Gold' - during the season. Refer to the calendar on our events page. You can choose to include one or both of these competitions when you register. Whichever registration category your choose now, you can upgrade later to add additional league competition fees.

If you choose a Membership Only registration, you will be allowed to play as a spare or as a casual fee player (PAYG / Pay-As-You-Go) with payment required on the night when you come to play. 

You may also choose a Membership Only registration if you intend to play as an alternate player ('fifth-player') on a Team that has 4 other players. 



The VCA offers Adult, Junior and Concession fee categories.

Adult Membership:

Adult membership is our ordinary membership category and is open to anyone. 

Junior Membership:

Junior membership is for players under age 21, and aligns with the Junior age group as defined by the World Curling Federation. Membership and league fees are less for Juniors. 

Concession Memberships:

Reduced concession membership and league fees are offered on request, subject to approval of the VCA Committee. Please complete the Adult Membership registration and select a Concession Category when prompted. If the Victorian Curling Association committee approves the concession request we will adjust fees accordingly. If you request a concession discount please wait for an updated invoice before making your payment.


National Integrity Framework

The Victorian Curling Association has adopted the National Integrity Framework of the Australian Curling Federation. This is a set of policies intended to promote integrity in Australian sports, including

  • Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy 

  • Member Protection Policy 

  • Improper Use of Drugs and Medications Policy 

  • Competition Manipulation and Sports Gambling Policy 

  • Complaints Disputes and Discipline Policy

Members of the Victorian Curling Association are bound by these policies and will be required to acknowledge this during the registration process. Refer to the Sport Integrity section of our website for more details.



We now accept membership and league fee payments through bank transfer or online via credit card. Payment options are provided on completion of the registration process.