Wheelchair Curling

Wheelchair curling is one of the Winter Paralympics most popular sports.  Wheelchair curling attracts a large numbers of athletes representing the majority of Winter Paralympic nations.

The Victorian Curling Association is a strong advocate and supporter for wheelchair curling in Australia.  We are more than happy to accommodate combined teams of able bodied curlers and wheelchair curlers in our recreational curling events.

We had a wheelchair curling team compete in our summer league, and they placed near the top of the ladder.  We also hold wheelchair curling come and try events on a regular basis.  You can download our wheelchair curling brochure here.

We continue to expand wheelchair curling through the Australian Curling Federation.  We will offer come and try sessions at the Curling Nationals; and we plan return visits to Queensland and New South Whales to establish wheelchair curling in those states.

In our past trip to Brisbane; Ron Finneran, Director Disabled Wintersport Australia and Jim Oastler held a come and try session for four wheelchair athletes.  The response was positive.  Curling gave an opportunity to learn a new sport - one that addresses the participant's specific requirements to make their game fun and competitive.

A wheelchair curling blog and website has been established at www.wheelchaircurling.com.  This is a site that will provide opportunities for wheelchair curlers to inquire and express their views on the sport of wheelchair curling.

If you know of any Victorian wheelchair athletes who might be interested in playing let us know.