Corporate Curling

Corporate Curling

For your next corporate function or event; consider the most unique and inclusive experience in Australia, on ice!  Curling is an Olympic Winter Sport that can include everyone.

From office or shop team building to amazing client experiences; Curling offers a memorable experience for all.

Curling is easy to learn, and adaptable to all abilities.  Teams can include players of all ages and abilities.  The experience is unique, but the skills are familiar.

We can combine regular Curling with Wheelchair Curling to include teams with standing (no bending) players.

With as little as one hour of ice time your employees, colleagues and clients can learn the basics of delivery (throwing), sweeping and skipping (strategy); followed by a couple “ends” of game play.

Our corporate curling events are coordinated through the O'Brien Icehouse in Melbourne's Docklands.  Along with your experience on the ice, the O'Brien Icehouse offers full catering and a variety of function spaces for pre and post Curling meetings and socialising.

Contact the O'Brien Icehouse for details on how your organisation can join us on the ice.